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Drawn into Descent

by Drawn into Descent

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Their self-titeld album is Drawn into Descent's debut full length release and has been released on 29/08/2015 by Immortal Frost Productions. The physical album is limited to 500 copies on CD and comes with a 12 page booklet.
Also available with a limited grey logo patch.


released September 28, 2015


all rights reserved



Immortal Frost Productions Belgium

Immortal Frost Productions is an independent record label from Belgium, which mostly concentrates on releasing Black Metal artists/bands and subgenres.

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Track Name: Elude
Closing your eyes while they're wide open.
You shut down your mind to explore what's within.
Forgetting all you've ever known to venture across the void.
Bathing in the wisdom of the universe.
All becomes surreal, yet so vivid, so true.
Now more than a vessel, just a drone of creation.
Now more than a puppet commandeered by its strings.
Only to awake once more from this wide awake dream,
to find yourself surrounded by misery,
where nothing is real but the will to return.
Track Name: Solitude
Entering a state of fragile mind.
Dark corners which we'd rather forget,
but we remember them now.
Forgotten fears dwell towards the surface.
They are fueled by our soul,
devouring it like sustenance.
Leaving nothing but a shell.
Empty as the void we bear the burdens of existence.
We must bear them alone,
as it is supposed to be.
People flock, like cattle like sheep.
But why?
Why can't we just live, die and rot alone.
Track Name: The Realm of Unbecoming
We ended our singularity,
when we walked through the door.
We've passed through the gate of everything real
and entered the realm of unbecoming.
Brittle my mind, fractured by the hurt of the world we have known.
Take me away, far from this place so we can return nevermore.
Take me away so we can disappear, into the mist.
And our souls can vanish without leaving a trace.
No one will find us and no one will try.
We will be gone, forever lost and never to be found.
Track Name: Pariah
The sun it blinds my eyes.
I wish I could pluck it from the sky,
and bury it deep into the nothing.
Its rays would never touch my skin again,
and we could submerge into madness.
Let go of all emotions and accept the purity of the death of mind.
Then twisted bodies can drag us into the deep.
Abominations of the earth.
Outcasts of the living.
Somewhere in between forever we will roam.
With no purpose to be found, no ideals to live by.
On the surface not a ripple,
but below all is destroyed.
Track Name: Gallows
We wander the present, as we were brought forth to do.
We wander alone, searching for reasons to stay.
My solitude brings me closure,
acceptance of what has become of me.
Don't waste no effort, don't shed a tear.
For I never chose to be on this wretched world,
where we drag ourselves from day to day.
Where the reasons we hold on to get fewer by the year.
We all have a noose around our neck,
It’s just a matter of time,
Until the ground will disappear below our feet.