Defenders Of The Astral Kingdom (Part II)

from Forest of Silence by Astral Winter



Times scar leaves it mark upon this mortal body
Forsaken I've wandered, blinded by the ethereal lights
Becoming a withering illusion lost within the castle walls
My search for the essence of being, immortal, undying

I am the god of this realm, become a servant to your unseen master
I will bless upon you the celestial gift of eternal being
Consume your soul with the majestic darkness
Sacrifice your body, your spirit is binded with I"

Screams of anguish as my body’s consumed in the void
Granted with the dark unholy power
The shadows rise above the astral kingdom
Eclipsing the lands to be forlorn in darkness

Storms of destruction, the master calls my name
The mournful cries of dying souls
The kingdoms call over an empty wasteland

A vision in the eclipsing moon
I gaze upon the sky with lifeless eyes
Wolves cry over the freezing night
As darkness spreads for no light to exist
Extinguished hope as all is fading
Cursed to live this grim eternal life
Shackled to the destroyer of light and time
No dreams breed in empty lives

The astral kingdom descends to the seas below
The once mighty palace harvesting the great god
I remain immortal, suffering the ages now forgotten
Dark is the path to eternity


from Forest of Silence, released November 28, 2016


all rights reserved



Immortal Frost Productions Belgium

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