The Summoning Of Arcane Magic

from Forest of Silence by Astral Winter



Chanting the dark spells of chaos and damnation
I read from the obscure scrolls long forgotten by man
An arcane magic, cryptic and haunting
Summoning the all mighty destroyer of realms

"Darkness engulf this world
Show us the kingdom of shade
Destroy the vale of time
Bring the new age of cataclysm"

Shrouded in the nightfall, dawnless are these days
The sea's remaining frozen, suspended in the twilight
Stars descend from the sky, the moon is now forsaken
Lord of the infernal, master of the dark arts

As I stand alone, in the ruins of the catacomb's
The forests stand in silence, before they perish and die
The voices of the dying masses, light of heavens fade away
In the faint horizon, dark kingdoms begin to rise

And now standing before me, is the end of mortal virtue
I command the powers of the new world, the new era of bedlam
Disappear into nights embrace, let the centuries pass on by
I'll return to rule this dimension, with the powers of arcane magic


from Forest of Silence, released November 28, 2016


all rights reserved



Immortal Frost Productions Belgium

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