Shipping and return policies for Immortal Frost Productions

Shipping Info
All physical orders placed on Bandcamp will be shipped from Belgium as of 2021, yet due to the very simple shipping options that Bandcamp provides, we cannot list the exact shipping price for every country seperately as this would mean we would have to add around 200 shipping prices per new product we add to Bandcamp. (which is simply to much work)

These countries have the correct shipping prices on Bandcamp:
Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, France, United Kingdom & United States.

If you don't live in 1 of the mentioned countries we advise you to place your order for purchasing physical iproduct through our Official webstore: shop.//

The prices on our official Webstore are accurate, (where the prices on Bandcamp are just an estimation based on the most expensive country in the same region) and we ship worldwide. So please purchase through the link mention above if you don't live in 1 of the mentioned countries. It will save you (as customer) a lot of money on shipping.

We thank you for your understanding and loyal support.