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Oracle of Death

by Darkest Mind

Through countless Aeons of death, burns the essence of life Fueled by the bodies of the dead, to never fade away I rush through the river of Hades in the darkest pits of the earth It’s forever in disgust of the flesh, forever in rage, my satanic blood Imprisoned by its black wings Wails the soul in damnation Death is never absent in power And pain is forever the shadow of life Passing the winter in slumber To be reborn in the shadows of the damned Death is never absent in power And pain is forever the shadow of life
(Come hither, come hither, come hither) Here he shall see death under the cloak of winter Descending into the Trophonios cave, Embarking this realm of primordial apparition As it spews the most dreadful brew Inhaling intoxicating sulphureous fumes AVAST! Whispers of devorat, murmurs of exitium HAIL, HAIL, HAIL! Oracle of Death! Destined to feel the chaos breath. Oracle of Death! The chaotic whispers . The all devouring insatiable Tearing all skies, time and matter apart The path to creation is only to be destroyed Where Omega forever devours Alpha Every creation and multiversal recreation is doomed to perish A disclosure under the veil of life to reveal a temple in ruins HAIL, HAIL, HAIL! Oracle of Death! Destined to feel the chaos breath. Oracle of Death! The chaos whisperings. The fatal attraction to the raven’s eye It is nothingness which prevails
I’m wandering in deserts of despair Engulfed by the wasteland of being where horrendously white withers into the bleakest of black the female vessel of the inner chaos dimension Each and every one, when womb turns to tomb From womb to tomb x3 Withering life within - The fruits of love spoil, as drought towards soil - When the time of birth has come and life already gone - To prosper in despair, this godless void lair - As inner chaos is coming and all love is forlorn, as every child is stillborn Begotten, begone! The primal urge undone Demographic decimation surge through this stillborn curse For death to reign with this fading human flame To let the flickering cold flame lick this virginal flesh The pestilential womb, as the temple of life crumbles The coronation of death at the beginning of life
Shapeshifting terror, evoked by the moon Spread your wings unholy and drink the pure blood of my imagination Spells are whispered into the dark night Cursing the mortal flesh of the priests Burn the unholy books of the church or Yahweh And the demons will shine dark in disguise Circling around them are shadows Beautiful dark reflected so white Come from the netherworld, hateful AZAZEL! I call your name silent one, forceful master Alchemical spirit untouched and untamed The world will burn, in diabolic fire Tinder, made out of their deadly sins!
As the elders once foretold, this impending doom arose When the givers of life could only heave demise Spirit of new life forlorn UTERUS ATROPHY This pendulum comes to a grinding halt To not fear Death but the thought of the end We are but shadows in deserts of human dust to be The human fortunes are but shipwrecks An irreversible high tide of withering This unsatiable void of pure animalistic lingering To gaze into the sour devouring nihility Deteriorate, degenerate, disintegrate. Collapse of civilization The elderly awaiting demise AVE ATRA REGINA! MORS OMNIBUS! AVE ATRE REGINA! MORS VINCIT OMNIA! MORS VINCIT OMNIA! Spirit of new life forlorn UTERUS ATROPHY Alas! This human existence is bound to pass
I worship thee queen of black heaven And in the fires of unholy fornication When her gardens turn red I bathe in her river of blood Coveted by the world, her likeness, bewitching Her heart to be mine and by poison I die Red veiled unclad siren who sang the death-song Dark paramour of illicit lust First poisoner, whore of assassination And through a virulent kiss of divine hunger She’s drunken with the blood of the saints Shammuramat SHEMHAMEPHORASH Divine mistress of man, whore to the kings of the dry lands Howling to the beast with many names of blasphemy! And I watched in admiration and joined in her unholy rituals And drank from her abundant cup of Death! Daughter of the sea, a serpent of old Unblessed by mortality, this foul bestiality Shammuramat craved by all Yet starving for a place of sepulchral recline ( A scarlet veil obscured her sanguine lips from which venom dripped down onto her body. Singeing the flesh of her most sacrilegious chest )


Darkest Mind is a Melodic Black Metal band from Belgium that present their debut full length album “Oracle of Death”. Exactly 6 years after their self-released debut EP “Break The Circle”. On “Oracle of Death” the band plays a furious old school style of Swedish Melodic Black Metal which one could say is very much Dissection inspired (in a positive way) and manage to nails it.

The guitars are very melodic, yet there is enough room for fast chords and a lot of tremolo picking moments. The drums are very well balanced and rumble through a lot of variations such as from mid tempo’s to insane blast beats and this all combined with a powerful sound where the kicks are perfectly mixed out. Where the bass guitar strengthen both drums and guitars and completes the instrumental package to a whole. As last but certainly not least, the vocals deliver a 90’s old school vocal style on top of the music which sounds almost like your listening to “Jon Nödtveidt” (and that is a very rare thing), yet it suits perfectly and makes the music of Darkest Mind as what it is!

The “Oracle of Death” is ferocious, tight, clear, strong, aggressive and above all a Melodic Masterpiece! Every Black Metal fan who loves the 2nd wave Swedish Melodic Black Metal scene (Dissection, Vinterland, Sacramentum, Lord Belial, Naglfar, Mörk Gryning, to name a few..) will definitely bang their head to Darkest Mind their debut album.


released December 10, 2021

*Debut full-length album from the Belgian black metallers
*Includes members from Ars Veneficium, The Committee, Gotmoor, Fractured Insanity, etc.
*Recorded at Mortsella Studio
*Mixed & Mastered by Owe Inborr at Wolfthrone Studios
*Artwork by Luciana Nedelea
*Layout & Design by WrathDesign.
*CD Jewel Case with 16-page booklet, ltd to 500 copies worldwide.


all rights reserved



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