Pathway To The Ancient Forest

from Forest of Silence by Astral Winter



The knowledge of the ancients, the souls of the departed
For aeons we have searched, through the cold and dismal sorrow
Their voices of wisdom guide our path through the necropolis

"To be as old as time, throughout the ages
Throughout the ages, for death immune"

We arrive at the sacred alter ascending the crumbling stone steps
A hidden artefact lies beyond, sleeping within the mighty walls
Clouded in mist and pale light, the secrets of eternity behold
The key to the entrance of the damned, a pathway to the ancient forest

The absence of the sun, the trees surrounding the sky
The dark archways appearing within the hallowed horizon
As time is standing and memories are fading
The forest reveals itself in a splender of ancient glory

"To be as old as time, throughout the ages
Throughout the ages, for death is immune"

Standing before the great vast forest
A celestial voice speaks in anci ent tongues
"Immortality is what you seek, you'll be
Forever damned to this lifeless forest"
The archways collapse, the pillars fall
The entrance vanishes into the void of chaos
No memories of previous lives
Servants to the archaic gods

The ancient forest of lifeless eternity
Wandering amidst the home of the dead


from Forest of Silence, released November 28, 2016


all rights reserved



Immortal Frost Productions Belgium

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