Skies of Obsidian Rain

from Voices From The Eternal Night by Atra Vetosus



The ancient prophets of our people
Once spoke of this day
A dark cold era would be upon
Our once glorious land
A river of tears and blood
Would flow across the fields
As the end times approach us
We are filled with a bitter despair

The symphonic voices
Of the ancient forest
Once sung of their majestic
Hymns of honor and glory
But now lament and trees
Shed their leaves
Their long and wondrous life
Is now escaping them

This place is filled with suffering
And the pain is everlasting
And the end draws near
These pathetic souls are filled with fear
The endless prayers
Of our glorious mother Gaia
Have been ignored
By the impure souls of mankind
Darkness engulfs this dying land
And the dawn of morning is far away

Darkened skies, this endless night
We grow to despise, any trace of light
The heavens unseen, the stars forsaken
Our worlds collapsed into a sea of darkness

Entrails of this fading planet
Are withering with time
Lifeless smoke and hot burning ashes
Fill the vast impure air
The magnificent splendor of light
And radiance that once left us in awe
Has now been veiled by
The dark mist that fills the murky air

As this planet withers away
And the obsidian covers the land
Turmoil is upon wretched souls
And every colour fades to grey


from Voices From The Eternal Night, released March 20, 2013


all rights reserved



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