Voices From The Eternal Night

by Atra Vetosus

The ancient prophets of our people Once spoke of this day A dark cold era would be upon Our once glorious land A river of tears and blood Would flow across the fields As the end times approach us We are filled with a bitter despair The symphonic voices Of the ancient forest Once sung of their majestic Hymns of honor and glory But now lament and trees Shed their leaves Their long and wondrous life Is now escaping them This place is filled with suffering And the pain is everlasting And the end draws near These pathetic souls are filled with fear The endless prayers Of our glorious mother Gaia Have been ignored By the impure souls of mankind Darkness engulfs this dying land And the dawn of morning is far away Darkened skies, this endless night We grow to despise, any trace of light The heavens unseen, the stars forsaken Our worlds collapsed into a sea of darkness Entrails of this fading planet Are withering with time Lifeless smoke and hot burning ashes Fill the vast impure air The magnificent splendor of light And radiance that once left us in awe Has now been veiled by The dark mist that fills the murky air As this planet withers away And the obsidian covers the land Turmoil is upon wretched souls And every colour fades to grey
Dwelling in these mortal lands Ancient Forests that speak to me Seek now the sactuary Of our infinite dark empire I emerge from the fog Beneath the moonlit skies Sitting upon my oaken throne My spirit is one with the forest A palace shrouded in emptiness Lies beyond the endless vast horizon Surrounded by the souls of the living Their haunted voices they repulse me My journey leads me to their lands Forsaken by their dark emperor They abhor this dying forest They battle against their immortal souls This kingdom of decaying darkness No traces of life to be found This land of infernal blackness Speaks words of hate into my soul I arrive at the gates Enshrined in an everlasting haze Filled with sorrow and despair A woeful man returning To my vast domain My primal and arcane land Leaving the palace behind Returning to the tranquil forest My soul is now at peace My warm breath on this midnight fog Veils this land With a cryptic harmony The sound of the streams in the distance The wind rushing through the leaves The scent of the forest, the trees and the fog A pale reflection of an ominous moon The ageless winds of this eternal night They leave my soul at peace
The darkness fills this empty place The dim light of the stars peeks Through the branches of dying trees A light mist fills the dark cold air this night A burden of coldness Sucked into my dying lungs And my final breaths Are turning into fog As I release the trapped air From primordial ages The sound of my footsteps Awakens distant beasts As past autumn's leaves crush under my feet These beasts are disturbed By my presence Their time of feasting is near The wide eyes of an infernal night owl Watching my every dismal step My every dying breath As he is surrounded by the solitude Of dying trees I hear the breath of a majestic wolf My flesh will renew his dying strength And now my walk of solitude In these dying lands draws to its demise I reach out for my final breath Darkness surrounds me And fills me with emptiness Drowning in eternal blackness My life sucked out of my body And now as the rain forces my lifeless Blood into the time-worn path The beasts of this land feast And my sorrowful burden bleeds Out of my lonely soul And I pass into another realm And infinite blackness fills me I pass my spirit into the forgotten woods
Hallowed now in the sky. The dim light of the moon As the wings of darkness stretch across the clouds As we draw near to the ancient kingdoms Our shadows slowly stretch out Reaching for the horizon the sun now turns its back on us A door is standing open before me as I arrive at this sacred place I feel the infernal darkness that will soon consume my soul The power of the ancients has been placed in my hands Called to conquer what lies before me I leave this kingdom of ancient glory Under the cloak of darkness I ride Across the plains to the land of immortals As the black flame of the oppressors burns in hatred The spirit of the woodlands is with me in my hour of darkness Flayed by the words spoken by the dark lord Oppressed by the people who summon the blackest power The dark forces of the spiritual realms oppose me Their hatred kindles the greatest flame That will burn against me eternally Eyes of infernal doom Calling anger deeper than sin A tainted victory Shall haunt us a cold silent memory As the eastern realms are conquered A battle of astral forces Has left now. This place. A cold forgotten memory.
I awake in this place of unholy dismay My body is lifeless, this pain and despair Memories from a past age, possessing my visions Consuming me in a dark cold wretchedness An undying flame of everlasting darkness Concealed within the depths of my despised essence Forever bound this fortress of dismal hate A blackened moon, a welkin darkness This winter reeks of death These cold nocturnal winds bring awakening This dark winterly nightfall brings a misery upon this land The howling of a lone nigth wolf the flame within my soul Feeling the frosty breeze of a never ending era Above my bitter empire of this earthly realm This hollow bleak night sky A blackened sphere of death and emptiness The starless heavens a barren void That will never be filled This barren domain forever to be forgotten The icy field under my bare feet Shivering under bitter conditions The sheltering shadow that covers this world The freezing death that engulfs this land Has put us under a spell of coldness This eternal night, these darkened lands of hate-filled misery Leaving me trapped in an orb of pain and suffering Now drowning in the sorrowful abyss of my depleted soul This eternal wintry night. An everlasting illusion in my mind
Beneath the Sky, painted with a thousand stars An untouched land of arcane beauty The crystal lake, basking in such glorious light Far in the distance now lies the ancient castle This kingdom of nature hidden within the forgotten woods Surrounded by the sheltering fortress of these migthy aging trees The cryptic darkness surrounding the great lake Stretches out to the surrounding woodlands The peace within these forbidden lands Disturbed by only the light from above Where a shadow would rest beneath such oaken glory There lies the tears of the forest The leaves fallen as the cold death of winter approaches Echoing now. The valley. Woodland Songs. Hailing from the north chants flowing with the sound of the streams A voice made one with the whispers of the forest Whatever walks in these lands Will walk with the spirit of the forgotten woods And the darkness that shelters the distant kingdoms Shall now haunt this place of immortality And like the falling shadows of the night The woodlands shall forget now all life This place forever remains Frozen in time. Beneath the stars The sentinels Of the heavens Forever looking upon these sacred lands


Voices From The Eternal Night is Atra Vetosus full length album which has been released on 20/03/2013 by Immortal Frost Productions. The physical album is limited to 500 copies on CD and comes with a 12 page booklet.



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