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The Black Hand of the Father

by Antzaat

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The debut EP of the Belgian black metal band Antzaat, which has been released on 25/09/2017 by Immortal Frost Productions. The physical album is limited to 500 copies on CD and comes with an 8 page booklet.


released September 25, 2017


all rights reserved



Immortal Frost Productions Belgium

Immortal Frost Productions is an independent record label from Belgium, which mostly concentrates on releasing Black Metal artists/bands and subgenres.

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Track Name: Disciples Of The Concrete Temple
The flames at the bottom of the concrete temple have nearly faded to dust.
And Its disciples perform most obscure rituals, to mesmerizing chants.

Oh great Father hear our prayers,
Oh dark Mother shed your skin,
Share your wisdom with your cursed kin.

And as the moon grows colder,
I witness the lion swallowing the sun.
And in the fog,
I see the Path long lost

Oh great Father hear our prayers,
Oh dark Mother shed your skin,
Share your wisdom with your cursed kin.
Track Name: Rite Of The New Dawn
In the fog,
In this final moment.
In the hour of damnation!
By the rite,
Of the white gold flower.
By the light of the new born dawn.
A red star shines, an evil presence.

Like a parasite gnawing on our minds.
Upsurping the will, feeding on the flame.
Draining its essence, polluting the self.

I breathe the dust of this dreadful place.
The slow poisoning as the dirge continues ever onward.
We merge with the conciousness of the hive mind.

Our limbs stretched,
Our bones mangled.
Obscure deformations,
Of our mortal vessels.

A body fitted to serve only one purpose.
Fragile flesh molded To adhere to the omnicient will.

The age of flexibility Brought forth by our own twisted desires.
Condemned by those of old, Who predetermined our destiny.
Track Name: Circle Of Leeches
And he who walks the chasms of the abyss is more likely to fall.

As its cliffs are steep,
And its pits are deep!

From the most desolate place,
The omnious walls are calling.
The temple halls are screaming,..

The bell chimes,..
As they call forth!

The eternal blackness,
Home to their terrible father.

Swimming on the currents of blackness,
Feeding on the streams of unlight.

In the eye of the storm,
At the heart of darkness!

Rooted in the sea of blood,
Stand its infernal pillars.

Servants clinging to the throne of their long dead masters.
A circle of leeches with no host to feed on.
Entangled by the rotting corpses of their dead offspring.
Foaming at the mouth at the mere thought of self obtained purpose.

They mutilated themselves!